Matthew Sciaretta - recording and performing musician


Creative and authentic drum tracks made fresh to order. As a writer myself, I understand that great songs aren't made on an assembly line. I'll treat your song with the individualized attention it deserves.

If we aren't physically in the same room, how can we work to get the right feel and sound?
The truth is, the internet has reshaped the way we talk with family and friends, as well as conduct business. There are many online options to have face-to-face conversations. Whether we use FaceTime, Skype or Google Video Chat, there is a way to work as if we are in the same room.

Can I be there while you record your drum tracks?
For sure! I'm located just 20 minutes outside of Nashville in Franklin, TN. I have recording collaborators both near and far. There are accommodations close by for out of town visitors.

Are you able to record more than just drums?
Yep! I have capabilities to record a full band simultaneously, vocalists, guitars, piano and keyboards, horns... you name it.

What format do you record in?
These days everyone has the option of using their preferred digital audio workstation. While I've been using MOTU Digital Performer since 1998, I can serve up your tracks in any number of audio formats to make sure that all you have to do is import the tracks into your session. It and easy process and one that I can help you with.

How do I prep my tracks for you to record your drum tracks?
While there is no hard and fast rule to great tracks and I don't believe in cookie cutter processes, there are a few things that do help me to lock in to your tracks. Recording your scratch tracks to a click provides a helpful guide for all of the tracks to lock in. Also, it's best to get the drum tracks in before any additional keeper instrument tracks are added. This allows you to also have a more dynamic and human base to build onto when adding your additional tracks.

How much does it cost and how do I pay you?
I charge $65 per song or $300 for a five song bundle. If local, I can take cash. Otherwise, I take all major charge cards online.

If we are collaborating online, how will you send your drum tracks to me?
Nowadays there are many ways to send tracks via the web. I have an FTP repository I provide for you to download your tracks. If you are a DropBox, Box, or similar web app user we can share a folder. I can also send disks through the mail, UPS or FedEx.

Please spend some time grooving with us as we grow this site.