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Moving... and more! - 8/13/2013

Wow, it has been one busy year so far. Sorry for the lack of news updates. My family and I moved from one side of town to another.

As far as gigs are concerned, the past couple of months have been very busy. Thankfully so! I've had a lot of opportunities to do fill-in work along with my regular groups. This included a TV appearance on an NBC affiliate a couple of weeks ago in Kentucky, backing Beau Braswell. He put together a great band, including steel legend Robby Turner and guitar great Andy Gurley.

Happy New Year! Jan. & Feb. dates posted! - 1/15/2013

Please check the calendar for the latest gig dates. I'll be doing some great fill-in work with Jaimee Paul and Leif Shires in February. A special thanks to the following people for making my December 2012 one of the best music months of my life - Jaimee Paul, Randy Hunt, Joe Davidian, Geno Haffner, Ray DeSilvis, David Wood, David Langley, Dave Isaacs, Jake Willemain, Chip Henderson, Thomas Good, Bob Mason, Mark MacKenzie, Mike Adkins, Michelle Lambert, Reggie Murray, Scott Halgren and Brook Sutton. Wow! What a fun month.

Wah Watusi's finding our mojo in the studio - 11/9/2012

Wah Watusi has been hard at work in the studio, but we have nothing public to show for it yet. We're getting the mojo going with some test recordings to find our studio sound. We want to keep it as live and organic as possible, so we're not rushing anything. Geno, Ray and I agree that whatever we do has to groove and has a sound only comparible to the taste of freshly baked biscuits with fried, hot chicken. Please check the Wah Watusi website for forthcoming releases.